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omg i pure h8 foals cassius i mean wtf lolz [Mar. 27th, 2009|12:35 am]
Pint Glass In Demands
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important [Feb. 9th, 2009|05:10 pm]
Pint Glass In Demands
[Current Location |arctic circle]
[mood |boredbored]
[music |Salut! France by ERRORS]


Its fucking FREEZING lets get pisht.
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(no subject) [May. 3rd, 2008|01:43 am]
Pint Glass In Demands
[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |E:\Mp3\Animal Collective\strawberry jam\01.peacebone.mp3]

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he just couldnt draw people [Nov. 9th, 2007|07:03 pm]
Pint Glass In Demands
[music |Teenage Fanclub - Norman 3.]

I should update about the turbulent past few months, as they have been fun, exciting, firm, sexy ,incident packed, delicious times what with moving miles away from where i lived for like, always and also other minor incidents but that would be telling, but i feel i must bring the world this important video message:
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PHOTO POST LOL MUNICH! [Aug. 22nd, 2007|04:33 pm]
Pint Glass In Demands
[mood |anxiousanxious]
[music |Feist - 1234 (Van She Tech remix)]

Last week Me, Diamonds, The Human Bass Machine, Nicknames and Gregor went to Munich in Germany for a short break.
But before all that as a thank you for getting us FREEBIESZ to Interpol which I am waiting to go to, bored out of my mind and reduced to updating this shite we baked Malcolm a cake!

A Delicious Outing.

MUNICH!Collapse )
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Fuck It [Jul. 12th, 2007|04:43 pm]
Pint Glass In Demands
[mood |boredbored]
[music |Porcupine Tree - "Halo"]

Geoff's update basically tells the full tale of the weekend, but fuckit, I'm bored as fuck.

Last Friday : Up at 6:10! Geoff arrives and taxi no problems to Buchanan Street where theres about 30 odd people waiting, which soon becomes around 300 in an hour or so. Had the best roll n snarler ever then it was 8ish and a bus left an hour early, we were on the first one to leave Glasgow it still took about 2 hours though, but not like 11 as other kunts would suffer.

So arrive in pishing rain through the muddiest entrance gate where they made the most half arsed searches of all time. Just sort of felt your absolutley packed with stuff bag and asked "any gless?" Naw.

Walked another 4538 miles or so to the decent bit of the camping and started to set up our cheap ass tents in the now *Pure Pishing* rain. Somehow i managed to snap the elastic in the front pole bits, which was a deeply stupid move. Spent about 30 minutes threading it back together, then with a bit of luck and some deeply technical maneouvers i was able to get it SORTED.

Hit the bevvy and food quite hard at this point, and took shelter from the rain which was torrential as fuck. Hit the arena at some point for Lily Allen, quite boss despite the rain which stopped at some point before Bloc Party, who were mad boss like.

Erm, after this things go a bit fuzzy. Got the best meal ever of pizza and wedges and ranted about how amazing it was for fucking ages, Geoff had a barney with some welly boot seller who I tried to make peace with by purchasing some dreadful sunglasses off him which were later stolen by Michael "Chuckles" McLeay.

Seemingly we both got back to the tent and tanned a half bottle each, all in shots. Fuck really knows what happened I remember spouting utter gibberish at various people on the phone, and then it was 7.30am, and i was a bit confused.

I had also very cleverly gone to my "bed" still wearing my utterly manky trousers which had dried in mud up to the knees. Why?

After some stirring speeches I was back in the game and kicked off at like, 11 or something.

Arena for 1230ish then about 15 mins of Charlotte Hatherly before the first band I was genuinely quite excited about seeing The Skids.
Boss as fuck, Jobson was gawn well mental onstage. Intoooooooo the valley~! Silly Chuckles didn't arrive in time for this so Up Ye.

10 minutes or so of Camera Obscura who were, erm, underwhelming to coin a phrase.

Met Jack and Katie after spending about 20 minutes on the phone to both trying to work out where they actually were, they were basically in front of me the whole time. Things begin to get very hazy at this point. Hudson, Weig, Gyro and Thermo appeared shortly after and we just sort of chilled by Tuts, not actually watching any band or that. Think Calvin Harris may have been playing at one point, but I'm likely wrong.

Anyway eventually went to see James who were fucking boss as ever, crowd was well up for the cup like, Mad Barry. Between the gap of this and Arcade Fire I encountered Laurence working one of the bars which resulted in free cider, which i'm sure was really needed by this point, Boss nonetheless.

Got MAD Excited when arcade fire came on, did sort of lose the plot a bit cause they really are the greatest thing ever like. They made a hilarious blunder by mentioning the previous day's orange walk "It was....kinda....cool?" which got booed by all the Jungle Jims in the audience, hahaha

Went and re-met everyone somehow basically at the exact same spot, And things now get very hazy. Done some DRUGZZZZ at this point which shall we say, had a bit of a effect. Somehow ended up watching the fucking Klaxons despite Hot Chip being on at the same time, what on urth?
Was so fucked I couldnt actually focus on the band the whole time, cant like, remember any of it . Think we met Phooney and his wife and hung around with them for a bit, Hudson may have re-appeared as well but it's a bit of a blur.

Somehow got back to the campsite where we by chance met Jack and Katie, who were wandering around aimlessly. Went and partied with them for a few hours, and memory cuts out once more until I was being fed tea and told to try and wake up and get back to me tent, erk. Somehow did then woke up around 9am.

Got up and bought lots of liquid, Geoff began his 3 hour whitey session. I was still fucking wasted at this point from the night before, so sat and laughed at a tube of toothpaste for a while. Went and tried to have a wee lie down again but it was fucking boiling and I thought i was having a heart attack so returned to my chair and toothpaste.

Finally fit the arena, first up Union Of Knives. Still so fucked i couldn't really pay attention but they seemed pretty Barry.
After this, Avril Lavigne~! She's tiny! quite good clean fun really.

We then bought some DISGUSTING nachos off the most stoned man alive for £4.50 a shot, they were FUCKING APPAULING, just crisps with minging red stuff and this horrid white stuff that I strongly think was jizz. Ate about 2 bites then launched it, feeling rather poorly now.

Went and watched the beginning of The Bravery, 2 songs in The "This is absolutley shite, why are we watching The Fucking Bravery" thought registered and we were off.

Payed £6 for some noodles, not as bad as the nachos but still pretty fucking awful. The 40 mile walk to the NME stage followed for The Gossip. Utterly hilarious band, she really is the most hideous looking thing I've ever seen in my puff. Still quite a larf when they played their famous CHOONS tho.

Couldnt get near The Slam tent was so busy for the Wu tang Chaps so went to see Mark Lanegan in Pet Sounds. Was about 100 people there but it was still fucking amazing. Only thing he said the entire set was "Thanks."
No chance for Ocean Colour Scene, tent was fucking RAMMED. re-met Hudson and co eventually, saw about 10 minutes of an average Kings Of Leon, got some chips then back to Pet Sounds for Tori Amos.

Who was boss as fuck, 45 minute set and she still went off for a costume change which was quite comical. Left during the last song to begin the great highland walk to the NME stage for the mighty Interpol.

We found Malcolm wandering around in a daze, utterly fucked, telling randoms to stand up and questioning anyone who left the crowd. Interpol were fucking excellent, as expected.

Anyway up the never ending road to King Tuts tent where we waited Decades for QOTSA to come on, who were fucking fantastic. Always are. IT was a BRAW finish to the weekend.
Found Jack and Katie by hospitality then we got very lost but eventually found the way back to our tents where we had a wee drink or 2 and a cheeky smoke, was mad relaxed compared to the prior evenings madnesses. Think I got them down to the lovely toilets and it was around 3 then i went for a fairly refreshing bit of kip. Up at 7.30 and grabbed anything i wanted from the tent and then just abandoned the fucker, couldnt be arsed booting it in, was a bit wet.

Got the bus back hassle-free, some hilarious banter from cunts on it. Taxi hame, easy. I am now the most sunburnt man alive BTW, probably my first ever suntan as well, fucking DISGRACE.
Done very little on monday except wash and sit in absolute agony really.

Tuesday was fairly back in the game, was my maw's birthday so we were out for a pure top brass meal, few pints with that then the Rock later, standard.

Yesterday I went oot a walk and met forgotten man Stewart Everson on byres road, he was RAGING! ended up taking injured Geoff's place for badminton, which i actually got well into and was getting quite physical given the ammount I smoke. me and dave lost to weig and evo, me and weig beat them in the other one, and i beat evo in a singles game, Glory.
After this we ended up in Club 500 for one overpriced one, the The 3 Judges, appropriatley joined by various cunts at various times. Ended up in fucking Cottiers as well, why?
Left and went to Eddies via here and Hampsons. Fairly standard Eddies evening. Me and Chuckles walked home in the pouring rain.

Today - nothing. I have no hangover, oddly. Quite fancy a drink tonight but doubt anyone will be game.
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fucking tears [Jun. 15th, 2007|01:29 pm]
Pint Glass In Demands

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Tevez! [May. 13th, 2007|06:13 pm]
Pint Glass In Demands
[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |Band Of Horses - The Funeral]

Alan Curbishley paid tribute to his West Ham United side as they confirmed their Premiership status with a 1-0 win at Old Trafford.

"It's been a fantastic effort from the players who were here before I got to the Club, along with Lucas Neill and Luis Boa Morte," he said. "Great credit to all of the players. I've kept it low key, kept the training simple and the results have picked up.

"They've all played their part, not just Tevez; it's been a team effort. We're now looking forward to welcoming players back for next year."

GET IN, GET IN!!!! Up ye Van Der Sar.

We're gonnae get fucking ecto'd tonight

Paul Duel realises diets exist, while sour faced cunt Warnock looks on, ahah, mon the wednesday

The Truth :

"I came in in December and things went on before I got here," he said. "The Premier League had their enquiry, they gave their verdict and we got on with it. We've been public enemy number one lately but we've got on with it, kept our counsel, and it's over.

"It seems ever since I've been at the Club we've had negative press but it seems as if the Tevez and Mascherano affair was like a bandwagon. I thought we'd get some positive press from the way we've been playing and we've been playing well. Now we're all looking ahead to next year."

Come Ahead.
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Pint Glass In Demands
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |Voxtrot - Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives]

The Sparkling one arrived and we got drinking for The Arcade Fire, I had a spot of Indigestion but it was soon cured with lots of bevvy. Quick £3! pint inside then we got a nice spot to watch em from, Franz Ferdinand were chilling beside us and looked very jealous of how amazing the arcade fire are and should have just gone home and give up music.

(It was just like this) Aye, one of the best gigs i've seen in many years. Got Soaked and the train home.

After about 4 hours sleep i got up and worked 7-3. No pleased. Home where I sat considering touting arcade fire again but then 'Fat' Adam who is now a man of war after joining the TA or something equally vicious phoned up and said he could gerruz in free to deftones so I figured I might as well. Tanned budweisers here then taxi'd to Underworld to meet Pokey's dah where we got more Free Beer than anyone could ever drink, then a shot of tequila, pure whitey material. Taxi to the carling because it was 8:56. Was a bit pished by this point so just watched.

Looked like this i imagine, fat fuck Chino's slimmed out a bit he must have been on the Size Zero diet.

Met hunners of folk inside cant be arsed listing em. Underground hame after it, met Pugford briefly before Jack and Ross somehow persuaded me to go to Curlers. Fuck it. Several doubles in there then it was home time. Fucked.

After finally getting more than 4 hours sleep worked and did the same on WEDNESDAY The Rock being closed for 'refurbishment' has made me deeply upset btw.

THURSDAY rolled in and worked a odd 11 starting shift then at 7:45 the Best Day/Few Hours ever began. Got in and my mobile started working again! BDE. After this i was well up for drinking so headed to Gregors with wine and cherry lambrini, obv. Got them in watching Newcastle getting pumped off AZ (my dinners ready BRB) after erm, some debate PA77S HI(67ON we went to the sink then left and got a taxi on Dumbarton Road to The art school shortly after bumping into Theivin' Craig Marshall. We met Heavy Al and I'm Only Andy P ootside. Got fucking steaming inside, dunno what happened really aside a rather humorous incident involving some Irish waxoul who thought Gregor was called Lager. Home after a verbal with some tim.

FRIDAY woke up at 2:30 feeling a wee bit rough. Got drink for later on then i went to the ABC to see Sean Hughes which was very very funny.


Train back to Hyndland then up to Shona's then eventually to Hampson's for the usual festivitys. Went to Andy Sim's "Free Bar" later on which didn't exist then some party for about 4 minutes before it was full time.

YESTERDAY up at 1 for the football. The less said the better, complete joke. Home for the Saturday Pizza Magic and West Ham actually won!!!!

Handsome man.

Later went to Gregors with wine and then to the QM where you all were! Me dave and Malcolm Dalziel Angus came back here for a bit afterwards for some Arrested Development and budweiser.

TODAY I watched Jim Jeffries get robbbed of glory
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Hawf Bottle [Mar. 11th, 2007|05:05 pm]
Pint Glass In Demands
[mood |mischievousmischievous]
[music |The Knife - We Share Our Mother's Health]

Time for a wee update as it's been a bloody ling time and ah'hm losing track of whit i've been doing.
Work then dived down to Fast Black's (jeefs) with a lovely bottle of white! just got em in for a few hours then home reasonably early.

Was rudely awakened at 7:26 to be told to come in early. No pleased. Anyway once that farce was over it was home and back to FB's where more wine and champions league was consumed with him, Crazy Horse Everson and Kev. Dived home for some ID then we went to Rev which was a truly fantastic occasion as none other than the man himself, the It's Boiling Guy had made a rare appearance. Glory. The poor guy's Fucking BOILING!!! Also witnessed a truly hilarious Everson dance to Andrew WK. Home.

WEDNESDAY WAS Work then nothing :-(

THURSDAY - Yes work once more then in the evening me and Dave and wine were back in Eldon Fort to watch Rainjursz-Osasuna. Pish game, we even missed the equalizer by turning over to watch the Sp*rs game. Fair play.

FRIDAY - W*rk then down to you guessed it, Eldon Fort with a army of bevvy and Dave and Jack, hunners of others joined us throughout DRUGZZZZ were consumed and you can guess the rest erm yes. Don't take Drugs they're really bad!

SATURDAY was a day of recovery. Thistle are fucking shite, as are West Ham who weren't even 'in action'. My fucking mobile broke as well, pretty much. Watched the man U game and some Kids in the hall in my bed.

TODAY Work at 7am. Joy. Had a good laugh when Ugo Ehiogu's overhead kick was found oot about. Tonight me and The Sparkling One, Diamonds go and see The Arcade Fire at the Barrowlands and I personally cannot wait.
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